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Ionic & Versa/Lite Instructions

After installing the new ASK Clock Face please go to the ASK Watch Face Settings on your mobile phone.

Click on the Clock Face Icon (Image 1). 

Then click on the 3 dots top right (Image 2).

Finally clicking the settings button (Image 3).


Here you will find settings for how often the Weather Updates, Weather service provider, Weather Key, Temperature Format C/F and Background colour.

Recommend Settings:

Weather Update Interval: Short

Weather Service Provider: Open Weather Map

Weather Key: (Cut & Paste Key Here)

Key can be obtained by registering at

This is a free service 

Temperature Format C/F


Tip 1

I recommend at this point to select the Background Colour option and try different colours to make sure they change on your watch, if they do then its all done. 

No need to go any further.

If the colours do not change instantaneously then a quick shutdown and restart of the watch should resolve. 


How to Shutdown and Restart Watch.

To Shutdown the Watch.

Swipe left till you see the settings icon (Large White Cog) click and scroll to the bottom and click About, scroll to the bottom and click Shutdown and then click Yes.

Let the watch shutdown 

After about 1 Minute press any button to restart the watch.

Let the watch fully load up, so give it about five minutes. Then go to the settings and change the Background Colour and check if the background changes colour on the watch.


Weather not updating

If you are having issues with the Weather not updating I would carry out the procedure in Tip 1

If still having problems, then things to try:

Make sure the mobile phone is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data with all restrictions disabled.

Location enabled in the Phone settings, Mobile Data settings and Fitbit app Phone settings.


Allow Fitbit app to refresh in the background and also have the Fitbit app on the phone running in the background

The weather should be working now.

If at this point you are still having issues then please contact us for further assistance.


Clock Error

If the Watch Face displays Clock Error or if only part of the Watch Face is displayed and your Daily Stats are missing.

Try the Shutdown and Restart Watch Procedure.

How to Purchase

Install any one of our watch face’s, they all come with a free 2 day trial.

At the end of the free trial you have the option to buy the watch face or any one of our bundles.

Bundles start from $4.49 and you only pay the once for any of our watch face’s and then it's yours to keep.

Already Purchased

If you have already purchased one of our watch faces and you need to unlock.

Please click the Kpay button below and enter the new 5 digit code displayed on the watch face, then click Already Purchased.