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Additional Information

ASK Weather, A watch face that displays your daily stats which include Steps, Calories burned, Stairs Climbed, Active Minutes & Distance in Miles or Km incorporated in to separate progress beams & Animated Current Heart Rate.

Tap the left side of the watch and the display changes to your daily goals and Resting Heart Rate.

With Digital time in 12/24 Hr format which can be adjusted by login in to your online Fitbit Dashboard.

Current Temperature & Weather Conditions in Fahrenheit or Celsius, by tapping the Weather Icon the display changes to show today’s High & Low Temperatures, also the Battery Icon changes to display remaining Battery life as a % after 5 seconds reverts back to the original display.

By tapping the middle, the watch face colours change 10 different colours to choose from. Also, by going into the ASK Watch Face Settings you can also change the colour of the background.

With Bluetooth Status icon 

*Users who are registered with Darksky have the added benefit of more accurate updated weather information.